Chef's Specials at City Deli: June 24 to 28

MONDAY, JUNE 24 – SALAD BAR: Mixed greens topped with a choice of chicken, shrimp, albacore tuna and roasted garden vegetables served with a roll and a medium fountain drink.

TUESDAY, JUNE 25 – Pork Loin served with polenta, fennel, green beans, mushroom gravy and a roll.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26 -Arroz con PolIo: Cuban Braised Chicken and Rice, black beans and mixed vegetables.

THURSDAY, JUNE 27 – Open-faced Roast Beef and Brie with bacon, onions and gravy on rye served with steak fries and a medium drink.

FRIDAY, JUNE 28 -Fish Fry served with macaroni and cheese, side of coleslaw and a medium fountain drink.


GRILL SPECIAL- Fried Chicken, provolone, onion, portabellas,
roasted tomatoes and herb mayo.

PIZZA SPECIAL-Chicken Alfredo with roma tomatoes and
pannesan cheese.

SANDWICH SPECIAL-Roast Beef, Jarlsberg cheese, smoked
tomato, bacon and 1000 island.