Graduation Party Tips from the Experts at City Gourmet

The mortar boards will be tossed….the date is set….the guests are gathering….so now what?  
City Gourmet clients report that the most difficult part of hosting a graduation party is the ability to define a menu that can accommodate a large crowd and an uncertain number of guests- a tough combination in catering.
The pros at City Gourmet suggest sticking to affordable menu selections, stretch the volume and ramp up the personality.
“Graduations parties can be tough for the hosting family because they can’t be sure how many of the graduate’s friends may arrive with healthy appetites,” said Libby Calato of City Gourmet. “You never want to end up with not enough food, so we like to stretch the dollar, but build the menu around the personality of the graduate.”
For example, if the graduate is going to Michigan State, we’d suggest featuring the UP Pastie – a meat pie similar to a small calzone that was introduced by Welsh copper-mining settlers in the upper regions of Michigan. They’re also famous for cherries, and Rice Krispie treats born in Battle Creek, and Mackinac Island fudge.
If the graduate is a pizza-lover, we suggest a buffet of every possible kind of pizza.  “Guests are coming to celebrate the graduate,” said Jim Calato. “They’ll appreciate the tribute and the fun…whether it be a mac & cheese bar, a gourmet pizza bar, or a potato bar.”
Jim and Libby Calato can also share experience with tent rentals and innovative new outdoor clean power and lighting solutions.