City Gourmet's Holiday Party Essentials #3

#3 in our tips for doing more with less for your corporate holiday party:

Party with purpose: Start the event with a brief meeting. Have the CEO make your event an important opportunity to communicate strengths, expectations for 2013, and recognize service. If the company’s doing well, announce that you’re allocating some of the savings from this year’s party to an organization with ties to your employees.

Experts suggest trust is established when an organization follows through on its decision to keep its social events in place, even during tough economic times. It shows employees that the company genuinely cares about the happiness of the people who work for it, which builds morale.

In addition to relationship with management, holiday parties are a time when employees are able to interact socially with people they may not know well, which can create effective bonds that people need to feel that they are part of a team.

According to Jim and Libby, some experts suggest that inviting clients to the company party can be a great opportunity to maximize the entertaining investment as a way to build stronger business relationships.

“Gourmet food stations are a great fit for encouraging mingling and conversation,” said Jim Calato. “Employees will enjoy the opportunity to be ambassadors and host the clients as special guests, and will be less likely to sit at the same table in a comfort zone for the duration of the event.”

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