Introducing Weddings by City Gourmet Group

Hi everyone!
My name is Nicole and I am the new Event planner for City Gourmet Group! City Gourmet Group has been around for over 20 years, but they have recently added a wedding division to the corporation. I am so excited to start planning weddings I can hardly contain myself! As a recent bride I know how stressful and time consuming planning a wedding can be, and I hope that I can take some of that stress off of your shoulders! This is a brand new venture for all of us, and I hope to be working with some of you in the near future! This has been such a fun and busy week for me, visiting venues, meeting with photographers, tasting cakes … it almost feels like I am getting married again, however I am doing all of this research for you and every other future bride out there! I have been invited to spend the day at Gida’s Flowers in Oakland on Friday, helping them arrange flowers for 4 different weddings and I coudn’t be more thrilled. So I will keep you all posted and I will definitely take some pictures as I continue to find all of the best vendors for your upcoming event!!!

Thanks for listening,

Nicole Tebbets